About Us

Our goal here at MilliScents is to, in concert with the Ministry of the Word, provide a solid baseline nurturing supplement program that covers the base needs of a body at an affordable price. As we grow we
will be able to reduce prices even more through more volume to make our mission more attainable!

All of our products are All Natural and to not be considered as MEDICINE, but WHOLE FOOD & or NATURAL supplements. As you will find, with all our products theere should not be any pharmaceutical drug interactions, side effects or potential for any type of over dose.

We hope this informational pack will help in your decision to aid in the health and healing of your body.

MilliScents was started after I shared a message at Church called, "Asking God for Healing While You are Trying to Kill Your Self!" The message was followed by a prompt from the Holy Spirit, to "DO Something About it!"

That opening statement in and of itself may put some people off, but it is MY experience, if you do not care for the Christian aspect of our beginning, that is well and good, but I will not deny it nor does it effect the quality and truth of the need of our products.

It was at that time that I started sharing about visiting your local Health Food Store and get the STUFF needed to make ones-self healthy!  I too started going, beginning with a Multi Vitamin.  I soon found myself BOMBARDED with suggestions of items I "Needed" and that were "Good for me!"  Myself and others found that we were spending hundreds of dollars on supplements and vitamins, with the cost making some people feel like they were buying pharmaceuticals and having to decide if they could afford them!

The initial idea was to create a Church Co-op, combining bulk buying and low prices along with information so people could make decisions and health choices based on knowledge and not on hype or sales pitches.

In addition, in the stores, we found that the quality of the products covered a WIDE range, with some products passing through the body, not even used by the body, and with the real QUALITY products having prices that were unreasonable. Some products were "cut" just like drugs on the street, not with damaging or harmful products, but products such as fiber or inert-filler, to cause the product to "stretch" and be offered at a lower price OR to be able to over charge! Those things may have fooled us as consumers, but our bodies would know the difference if we paid attention! Low energy, digestive issues, women's cycle issues, pain and sickness issues "could" be changed with proper nutrition!

I then decided to do our own line, with quality control and standards that would assure High QUALITY products at reasonable prices!  After one year of searching, researching and testing, MilliScents was born! I felt that we had a product line that was affordable and had the reasons as to why they should be taken.

I even designed the products packaging and quantities so that everything did not run out every 30 days so it would be more affordable by not allowing everything to run out at the same time every month, allowing it to be more affordable to "maintain" your health products.

All of our products are Whole Food Based with absolutely no fillers, no products are cut and nothing synthetic PERIOD!

MilliScents goal is to provide a high quality, focused, balanced nutritional offensive, against the nutritional deficiencies we face every day, through our products and information.

Please know that exercise, pure water and healthy eating are still needed and are essential for overall health, so find yours, join a health club, do a DVD workout, jog, walk, do water aerobics. There is something for everyone, but get moving!

Please take the time to read our information for each product and download our brochures, audios and videos for more detailed information!

Happy health and thank you for taking a look at MilliScents!


John L. Lewis III

Director of Research & Product Development