MilliScents Hydrogen Water Stick

Backed by 25 years of clinical research, MilliScents Hydrogen Rich Water Sticks go far beyond the health benefits of Ionized Water for people who demand the very best health promoting water they can drink.

Under sink water ionizers are very expensive and can only be used "at home" our Hydrogen Water Sticks are inexpensive and portable and will produce hydrogen rich water for 6 months, if used and cleaned as directed.

Our stick works better than ionizers by both ionizing your water and adding free radical destroying hydrogen as well.

 Six months of use
for your health, beauty and vitality!

  • Detoxifies your entire body
  • Builds younger looking skin
  • Helps heal ulcers and sores
  • Provides stronger & thicker hair
  • Aids in reducing blood pressure
  • Slows free radical body damage
  • Aids in lowering cholesterol levels
  • Helps the body flush heavy metals
  • Aids in absorption of supplements
  • Improvement of allergies & asthma
  • Aids in increasing blood circulation
  • Aids in lowering saturated fat levels
  • Stabilizes health & supports healing
  • Improvement of peripheral circulation
  • Aids in reducing cellulite and wrinkles
  • Improves memory in aged individuals
  • Hydrates you six times more than ordinary water
  • Supports proper pH by reducing acidic conditions
  • Improvement of chronic constipation & diarrhea
  • Improvement of blood glucose & hba1c levels in diabetes mellitus

Easy to use– Before your first use simply rinse the MilliScents Hydrogen Water Stick under the facet for a minute or two, or put in a half full plastic bottle and shake for min or so, pour this water off and then place the Hydrogen Water Stick into your water bottle and close the water bottle's lid. In 45 minutes, [full initial saturation in 8 hours], you will be able to enjoy these added benefits of Hydrogen Rich Water for your health, beauty and vitality. About once monthly, clean your hydrogen water stick.


MilliScents Hydrogen Water Stick Cleaning

The effectiveness of the Hydrogen Water Stick to generate hydrogen rich water will deteriorate over prolonged use. This is the natural process.

For best results, clean your Hydrogen Water Stick monthly.

About once a month, the Hydrogen Water Stick should be cleaned in vinegar as shown in the diagram.

  1. Submerse the entire Hydrogen Water Stick in the vinegar water mixture (one part vinegar to four parts water).
  2. Allow the Hydrogen Water Stick to soak for about 30 minutes and then confirm the existence of bubbles (hydrogen gas).
  3. Then remove the Hydrogen Water Stick, thoroughly wash with running water and reuse.

The life of the Hydrogen Water Stick will vary depending on frequency of use, proper cleaning, care, water source and other conditions.

Use common table vinegars (grain, rice) to clean your Hydrogen Water Stick.


  1. Do not use Distilled Water or Reverse Osmosis Water to make Hydrogen Rich Water.
  2. These sources of water have very little mineral content and will not produce the best results.
  3. Use "clear" type vinegar and do not use vinegar with the "mother" in it.
  4. Use only water when making Hydrogen Rich Water, (juices, milk, coffee and other drinks will ruin your stick)

Are Hydrogen Water Sticks equivalent to a machine like a Ionizer?

Yes and no. Ionizers are a great invention. I almost purchased one. But lucky for me, I didn't have the money at the time. They can run between $2000-$3000. I then learned, that when it comes to providing you with a portable source of Hydrogen Rich Water; Ionizers are extremely limited.

The biggest benefit of Ionized Water is that the Ionized Water process made hydrogen readily available to the body as the most powerful anti-oxidant known.

But there was one significant challenge, constraining the Hydrogen in the water until it was ready to be conveniently consumed -- anytime or anywhere. Hydrogen, an extremely light gas dissipates in just a matter of minutes. Leaving the once beneficial Ionized Hydrogen-Rich Water, now hydrogen poor and energy depleting.

I found through diverse research that everyone is hydrogen depleted, but having people sitting all day at their water ionizer, normally found on the kitchen counter [at home], waiting to instantly consume their next glass of Ionized hydrogen rich water, before the hydrogen could escape is neither practical or convenient.

Realizing that water ionizers could never be a practical means of producing Hydrogen rich water, there was a new practical process and methodology found. In 2001, the development the "Hydrogen Producing Mineral Stick" which produced Hydrogen Rich Water very simply, reliably and inexpensively.

MilliScents Hydrogen Water Sticks do not share any of the potential negative health hazards that Water Ionizers can produce, namely over alkalizing your drinking water. They do, however preserve all the proper positive benefits, namely negative ORP values, safe alkaline pH levels and the enormous benefits of readily available hydrogen rich water - ready whenever and wherever you need it.

Hydrogen Water Stick Proper Care and Use

  • Remember to ALWAYS recap your air tight water bottle when you are not directly consuming hydrogen rich water. (Hydrogen, an extremely light gas dissipates in just a matter of minutes -- if the cap is not on.)
  • Do not place Hydrogen Water Stick near a flame or heat in a microwave oven
  • Do not heat the Hydrogen Water Stick in kettle, rice cooker, pot or other such device.
  • Do not add boiling water to the Hydrogen Water Stick that has placed in a container (heat resistance to 60° C)
  • Use ONLY PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES or GLASS BOTTLES. Plastic water bottles with PET or bpa FREE ratings would be the very best consideration. If using glass, and left to stand unused for long periods of time (pressure from generated hydrogen gas may cause a glass bottle to break or the cap to forcibly fly off). A tight fitting lid is very important.
  • DO NOT use any type of metal water bottle, they retard reactions.
  • Use any water that is safe for drinking: filtered tap water is best and most economical. (Or you may prefer tap water, bottled water, reverse osmosis water, distilled water; any water is fine and will become hydrogen rich once the Hydrogen Water stick is covered with water.
  • Do not wash the Hydrogen Water Sticks with detergents, benzene, thinner or any other volatile solvent (please refer to Care and Cleaning section for proper care and cleaning of your Hydrogen Water Stick.)
  • Do not place the Hydrogen Water Stick in your mouth (be especially careful with small children and pets, as the Hydrogen Water Stick could become lodged in their throats)
  • The Hydrogen Water Stick should only be placed in water - nothing else (not tea, juice, milk or any other liquid)
  • Do not break, take apart, drop or provide any other strong shocks to the MilliScents Hydrogen Water Stick.
  • Once your MilliScents Hydrogen Water Stick has been used, it should always be immersed in water from that point forward. and never allowed to dry out.
  • You will never have to let you MilliScents Hydrogen Water Stick "air out". This is to prevent the raw materials from becoming deteriorated through oxidation by exposure to oxygen in the air.
  • The bottle cap should be stored on loosely if the plastic bottle is going to be stored form more than five days. (Do not make air-tight if storing more than a few days. (pressure from generated hydrogen gas could rupture bottle)

We are not responsible for any problems that might occur if the user ignores these cautions and uses the MilliScents Hydrogen Water Stick improperly.

These instructions will need to be read aloud to any visually impaired user.

MilliScents Hydrogen Water Sticks will produce
6 months of Hydrogen Rich Water
under normal use and care.

MilliScents Hydrogen Water Stick - The Process

Four Treatment Steps to Ensure the Safety of your HYDROGEN RICH WATER!

Step 1- Source water enters through micro-porous holes on the hydrogen producing mineral stick and makes contact with magnesium and far infrared energy emitting bio-ceramic bio-energetic minerals and natural electrolysis-water splitting and/or molecular dissociation occurs where active hydrogen is activated and becomes dominate over oxidation; therefore any dirt, debris, sediment, particulates and turbidity etc. TDS is reduced, clarified and scavenged by active hydrogen.

Step 2- The water remaining in the bottle is thus saturated with active hydrogen and far infrared energy emitting bio-ceramics bio-energetic minerals and; thus (-ORP) Oxidation Reduction Potential is within an optimal negative (sanitizing) range to begin the oxidation process of microorganisms. Active hydrogen reduces bad odors and improves the flavor of drinking water.

Step 3- The water is continuously exposed to low radiating far infrared energy emitting bio-ceramic bio-energetic light which is highly effective in destroying and inactivating a wide range of bacteria, more resistant viruses, parasitic cysts.

Step 4- The combination of Active Hydrogen and Far Infrared Energy Emitting Bio-Ceramic Bio-Energetic an instant reaction known as photo or advanced oxidation. This creates a hydroxyl radical speeding up the oxidation process by up to 1,000 times. Most importantly, no chemical additives are used during the entire process. Harmful contaminants are destroyed and removed but beneficial minerals remain in the water for superior flavor and your good health.

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