Meet the REAL You!



Meet the REAL “Physical” YOU!


Psalm 139:13-14   New King James Version (NKJV)
 13 For You formed my “inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb.
 14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
     Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.

In the original Hebrew text, the word ’fearfully means: with great reverence and heart-felt interest and respect. The word 'wonderfully' means: unique, set apart, uniquely marvelous. WOW! No wonder the psalmist bursts out with exuberant praise in this verse. He realized the great love and concern that went into his unique and very individual creation. According to this Scripture, you truly are a Masterpiece! The next time you have the temptation to ask the Lord, "Don't you care what is happening to me?" Remember this verse, because the total truth is that He cares and loves you with an acute intensity that cannot ever be measured.

Meet the real "Physical" YOU

The cell is the functional basic unit of life, and is the functional unit of  all known living organisms. It is the smallest unit of life that is classified as a living thing, and is often called the building block of life. Some organisms, such as most bacteria, are unicellular (consist of a single cell) Other organisms, such as humans, are “multicellular”, Humans have about 100 trillion cells.

It is at the cell level that we need nutrition and hydration, when you feed yourself it is not your stomach you desire to feed, but your cells”.

That is why nutrition is so important, because if you are deficient in what your cells need then they do not function as intended & are damaged, causing sickness and death.  So take care of YOU!

Cut-away view of a Cell and the processes of Life inside