Dear MilliScents

The Super Seven product line by Milliscents worked well in reducing my menstrual  cramps during my monthly cycles.  I often experienced excruciating cramps during my menstrual cycle, prior to taking Super Seven, and would have to take pain medication in order to function throughout the day. Once I began taking Super Seven on a regular basis helping to give my body proper nutrition I noticed a major difference over three consecutive cycles and did not have to take any medication to alleviate the pain. Mind you, I was making regular visits to the Health Store and amid buying supplements before I started these products and never had these results!


Kansas City, MO

Dear MilliScents

I can honestly say that Milliscents vitamin products have helped me out tremendously! One of the products that I really noticed a change with was the Milliscents Enzymes. I love dairy products, but unfortunately I don’t digest them well. I have tried many of the popular over the counter options, but none has worked like the Milliscents product. I can now eat dairy any time I want!


Raytown, MO

Dear MilliScents

I have been taking the MilliScents Product Line for about three months now and to be honest I really did not belieave they would work as advertised, because it sounded too good to be true and from my past experiance with other products. But I was so interested that it MAY work, that I tried them. I am so glad I did! I actually "feel" better, I sleep better and wake-up with energy where I did not before! The information you share is easy to understand and helps me to make the right decisions for my health, without being taken advantage of, or buying wrong or unuseful things. Not only did it seem too good to be true, it is better!


Independence, MO

Dear MilliScents

I have gone after your claims of what certain supplements can do and how they can help you. I have found your infromation to be honest and accurate with no HYPE at all!  Your reasoning and research has proved impecable and my body testifies to that fact! Thank you for being honest and straight forward and sharing your months of research and selection of products! Looking at the quality of the products had me wondering why they did not cost more at first, then I realized that you were honest in saying that you wanted to provide the very best at the best prices. I see you meant that too. Thanks.


North Kansas City, MO